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Tube filling and sealing machine

Tube filling and sealing machine


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Tube filling and sealing machine

Tube filling and sealing machine
Tube filling and sealing machine small
Technical data
Tube filling and sealing machineATP-60
1. Output30-45 cycle/min
2. Batching volume5-250 ml/
3. Size of the tubes
19 – 50 mm
70 – 200 mm
4. Possibility for automatic loading and
corner orientation
5. Power supply110/220/380 V; 50,60 Hz
6. Power input3.5 kW
7. Compressed air pressure0,63 MPa
8. Maximal air consumption 600 l/min
9. Overall dimensions
-height, width, length
2000 mm,1800 mm,1200 mm
10. Weight330 kg
11. Noise levelbelow 80 dB
12. Tubes– plastic
– laminated
– aluminium
*plastic and laminated tubes work with one mechanism , aluminium tubes with other. Both can work in one machine
13. Tank with double bottom and mixer30 l
14. Dosing systempneumatic or servo motor
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Balarisi tup
Yasarlar tup dis macunu

Laminated tube filling and sealing machine

Aluminium tube filling and sealing machine

Plastic tube filling and sealing machine

ATP 60 : Automatic tube filling and sealing machine, used for packaging of liquid and paste products/pharmaceutical, cosmetic,chemical and foodstuff products/ such as toothpaste, chocolate, melted cheese, creams, gels, ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard, sauce, harissa, jam, yogurt, pierrot, yogurt, glue, bubbla bath, skin care during pregnancy , foot skin care, shaving cream, beauty cream, cleansing milk, mascara, sunscreen cream, vaseline, gel for hair, hair color cream, face cream, hand cream, foot cream, massage oil, ointment, paint, etc. in ready – made aluminium, plastic or laminated tubes. Equipped with frequency control, which gives possibility for easy regulation of the productivity.
With one machine have possibility to work with plastic, laminated and aluminium tubes. You can add 2 different equipment in one machine , one for plastic and laminiated tubes and one for aluminium tubes.

ATP-60 is an automated tube filling and sealing machine of modular type designed for packing of products in paste form. The automat is built of independent units, synchronised by PLC control and HMI (touchscreen). PLC and HMI should be SIEMENS , OMRON or Kinco, even possibility for other brand . Each unit is based on an independent drive, which helps for differentiation of the unit during adjustment and diagnostics.
Temperature control use very precise PID tuning.

PROBLEND Ltd. started in 1990.
We are company from Bulgarian company. which have 2 representives in Russia and some other people in Turkey.
Tube filling and sealing machine is only one of machines that we produce and for it we have especially good reference in Turkey.

We offer

-constructing, manufacture, service and innovative production solutions for packaging equipment
-constructing, manufacture, service and innovation of non-standard equipment on preliminary given order
-design, development, introducing and service of industrial electronics
-The produced equipment has a 12- month guarantee period and afterguarantee service.
-The machines are supplied with a certificate of quality for the relevant country.

PROBLEND Ltd. has markets in Bulgaria, Russia, Germany, Armenia, Macedonia, Kosovo, Turkey, Greece, Austria, Italy, Romania, Canada, Ukraine, Poland, New Zealand, Algeria, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Tunisia, Estonia, Lithuania, Belarus, Moldova and etc.
Problend Ltd. also search markets in Belgium, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, United Kingdom (England) , UAE (United Arab Emirates), Qatar, France , Spain, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia , South Korea, Iran, Jordan, Libya, Egypt, Portugal, Netherlands, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, USA, Yemen, Oman, Yemen, Lebanon, Singapore , Indonesia , Australia.
We are ready for mutually beneficial trade and industrial cooperation.

Our tube filling and sealing machine is with similar quality like Norden tube filling and sealing machine, but for lower price.

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